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"What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know.  It's what we know for sure that just ain't so"    Mark Twain

Our diagnostics are different.  We don’t do audits and use check lists.  We look at behaviours & process and how they’re working together  - or not.

We use surveys and Appreciative Inquiry interview techniques to get to what people in the organisation really care about.  In a positive and fun way.


Data is fundamental to what we do.  Our data capability, allows quick prioritisation of where help is needed most.

People are more likely to believe in something that they conclude for themselves.  We bring the data to life - helping your workforce to draw conclusions and therefore own the issues and solutions.


We capture people’s attention with cartooning and video scribes of how it is and where everyone wants it to be

Case Studies









£  Savings




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The Queen, a green railway and the BBC

Our client, a major construction supplier to the rail industry, needed a fast performance turnaround on a £2.7bn programme to electrify one of Britain’s oldest and busiest railways. The Queen had opened the station at Reading launching the work and a state-of-the-art High Output train had been commissioned to deliver at pace. The problem was the complexity of the process across the supply chain meant that although the capacity was to install 30 piles a night, the average performance was 2 with a huge weekly spend. 

Fish Consulting worked across all operators to improve performance to 24 piles a night in time for the BBC to come and film about the innovative High Output train. They then set in place a programme of improvement to achieve 30 piles a night including work to unpick the unintended negative behavioural impact of the contract KPIs. The total savings were £19m and the work won the client an industry award for efficiency. 


Network Rail Partnership Award for Driving Efficiencies




Accurate and on time, every time

Our client, a global financial services house had a performance issue that was souring an important client relationship. On a daily basis they calculated the Net Asset Value of multiple funds and published this market-sensitive performance information on time to attract subscribers to the funds. Their daily performance was consistent but when combined with month-end pressures on “Business Day 1” they failed to publish accurately or on time. 

We were asked to work with the operational teams to identify and resolve the issues prior to contract renegotiations with the client.

Following detailed data analysis and full-day workshops to map the end-to-end process we resolved the key issues and created a visual run-book the teams could use to control the day. Every subsequent month was on time and accurate which improved morale, KPI’s and the underlying client’s performance on market league tables. 


“Great work again on Business Day 1. Please thank all your teams that have worked together to deliver an excellent start to the year for us”. Director of Fund Manager


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Cleaning up our Nuclear past

Our client, the UK’s largest and most hazardous nuclear site, is responsible for the safe and secure processing of nuclear waste. Their delivery plan spans 50 years and costs £billions with complete focus on mitigating the top 3 risks in Europe. Their processes are extremely long and complex with progress requiring formal review from experts across multiple departments and sites.

Fish Consulting brought an innovative approach to improving the process by visually mapping the constraints to each decision point.

With a clear path to the next decision the team worked to flip the approval process from consecutive to concurrent review by introducing an extraordinary Decision Day. The risk exposure was reduced significantly by taking 2 years off the disposal timeframe which also delivered cost avoidance savings of £30m. 


Following the success of the programme we were asked to create a Master Class for the Senior Leadership which we recommended was delivered peer-to-peer to improve it’s acceptance. 




£3m saved and a better customer journey

Our client, an international bank, had a robust onboarding process for new business which required review by Legal, Compliance, Credit, Product, Operations and Finance before the sale was complete. A lack of integration across departments meant that the customer was required to fill-in 214 pages of forms with many repeat questions. The process averaged 9 months with some clients abandoning and the team’s frustration was summed up by the comment that “winning a deal should feel good”.  

We were asked to help and started by mapping the As Is process, overlaid with data to create a burning platform for change. Visualising the problem in a war-room helped to break down the silos and view the process from the customer’s point of view.

Fish Consulting steered the Senior

A single online form consolidating all questions with the critical decisions asked up-front improved the process for the customer and bank and reduced the onboarding timeline to 3 months. £3m annual savings were achieved in the UK from sooner revenues and reduced cost of sales and the process was subsequently rolled out globally. 


“Pleased and satisfied with what has been designed”  Jersey Financial Services Commission


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Connecting teams to the strategy

Our client, a public sector authority, had an ambitious strategy for their region which was both broad and long-term. The problem they faced was many of the 500+ employees didn’t understand how what they did day-to-day contributed to achieving the strategy. They also wanted to evidence where they invested in digitising their services to have the maximum impact.

Fish Consulting steered the Senior Leadership and Management teams through an exercise to map their strategy through to their operations to confirm alignment.

We introduced a layer of tangible mission statements that employees could relate to and identified any gaps to achieving these. The exercise was a revelation to the diverse team - improving their understanding across departments and identified key gaps to success. 


Fish were then further engaged to map the annual business planning and performance process for digitisation.