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You’ve a great Strategy.  But why does it say one thing, and everyone is doing something different?  It shouldn’t be so hard to get people onboard - should it?


Strategy can be complex, and known only to a select few? (Ever seen a 150 slide presentation deck)? 

The workforce can’t relate the strategy to what they’re doing.  They’re too busy with day-to-day problems?


We can help.

By linking everyday activities to the strategy, we help it become part of everyday work.  We enable teams to identify precisely what is blocking execution of strategy


20 pages to describe how to do a simple process?  Volumes gathering dust, rarely seeing the light of day - other than during training events.  People just not following the process?

Processes becomes outdated quickly, but to update the procedure is often too big a burden.  Documenting a process doesn’t have to be so hard.  And in our current world where we expect people to constantly switch tasks, they need simple reminders to jog their memory. 

We can help.

Process on 1 page - we create maps, simple to understand but rich in detail. Built together in fun, bite-size sessions which get your teams switched on to understanding, owning & improving their processes. 

People talk of “flow” when the process and behaviours work together - this is never achieved by imposing more and more rules.


With one off-hand comment, a manager can destroy a years worth of fabulous process improvements.  A great strategy and a set of perfect processes count for little if the behaviours are wrong.  

Telling people how to behave never lasts for long - yet this is done all the time.  

The key is to understand what’s driving the wrong behaviours, and the environment in which they are happening.

What we know:  People need to feel psychologically safe.  When they do, they are prepared to try things out.  You’ll never get people being innovative and striving for excellent performance, when they feel intimidated or under constant threat - all you’ll ever get is compliant performance - just enough to get by.

To change someone’s behaviour is hard.  However, simple changes to the environment in which the behaviour is occurring, means that the desired behaviour becomes automatic.  We are pioneering work in this field using Visual Management, Activity Boards, War Rooms


Our diagnostics are different.  We don’t do audits and use check lists.  We look at behaviours & process and how they’re working together  - or not

We use surveys and Appreciative Inquiry interview techniques to get to what people in the organisation really care about.  In a positive and fun way.

People are more likely to believe in something that they conclude for themselves.  We bring the data to life - helping your workforce to draw conclusions and therefore own the issues and solutions.

We capture people’s attention with cartooning and video scribes of how it is and where everyone wants it to be

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